All Champions League Winners this Century

Champions League is by far the Greatest Tournament in the history of Club Football. UEFA Champions League is an annual club football competition and this tournament brings together the greatest teams in the world. In terms of quality of play on the field, the Champions League is currently the best there is.

Let alone winning the whole thing, even participating in this massive tournament is a dream come true for so many clubs and thousands of players all around the world. For a club to a part of this Tournament for a particular year, they must qualify through their respective leagues. The number of teams that can qualify from a certain league depends upon the competitiveness of that league. For instance, let’s take an example between the Premier League and the Laliga.

Every year, the top 4 League leaders at the end of the season are selected for Champions League football when it comes to the Premier League. Meanwhile, the top 3 league leaders at the end of the season are selected or meant to be qualified for the CL Group Stage when it comes to the Spanish league. And this way, the number of teams for other leagues are also selected for CL Football in terms of the competitiveness in those leagues. Besides this, teams also qualify from play-offs.

To win the whole thing, a Football Club has to first and foremost qualify for the Group Stage.

A Brief Intro On Champions League

A total of 32 teams qualify each year for Champions League Football. The teams are classified into 8 different groups. There are 4 teams in each group. Two teams from the same country aren’t allowed to be in the same group. Each team plays six group stage games, meeting the other three teams in its group home and away in a round-robin format. The winning team and the runners-up from each group then progress to the next round. The third-placed team enters the UEFA Europa League.

After successfully qualifying for the Round of 16, one of these 16 teams are crowned as the world champions at the end of the season. Below here is a list of the 20 teams that have won this prestigious title this century.

All Champions League Winners This Century

  • 2001 Bayern Munich
  • 2002 Real Madrid
  • 2003 Milan
  • 2004 Porto
  • 2005 Liverpool
  • 2006 Barcelona
  • 2007 Milan
  • 2008 Manchester United
  • 2009 Barcelona
  • 2010 Inter
  • 2011 Barcelona
  • 2012 Chelsea
  • 2013 Bayern Munich
  • 2014 Real Madrid
  • 2015 Barcelona
  • 2016 Real Madrid
  • 2017 Real Madrid
  • 2018 Real Madrid
  • 2019 Liverpool
  • 2020 Bayern Munich
  • 2021 Chelsea

Kings Of Europe

Real Madrid have been the most successful club in Europe this century. They have won 5 Champions League titles in 20 years and are the only club in the modern-era of Champions League history to not only have retain the title but win it 3 times in a row as well. No wonder they are the undisputed Kings of Europe. Real Madrid have won a total of 13 Champions League titles and are the only club in Football history to have crossed that double-figure. AC Milan have 7, Liverpool along with Bayern have 6 each while Barcelona have 5 CL Titles to their name.

Barcelona along with Bayern Munich have won 3 Champions League each. Barcelona won 2 Trebles and a sixtuple as well. FC Bayern also have one treble to their name.

The above-mentioned 3 teams are without a second thought, the greatest 3 teams European Football has witnessed this Century.

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