Black Clover Anime Ends on March 30

Black Clover is one of the most popular New Generation Anime Series. Unfortunately, the Spade-Kingdom Arc, one of the finest arcs in the whole series will mark its last. The official Twitter Page for Black Clover announced that the Anime will be ending on March 30 airing its final episode 170. The Twitter Page also announced that, on the same day, an important announcement regarding the continuation of the Anime will be made.

Given Black Clover’s popularity and a great story, it has a massive fan following. And it’s only understandable that many Black Clover fans all over the world have been saddened because of this sudden announcement.

Why did this happen?

If you are wondering why this happened, then you probably haven’t been following Black Clover Manga. The series has gotten too close to the Manga. As it stands, the Black Clover Anime is still dealing with the Spade Kingdom Arc, but it won’t take long for the series to the Manga’s current point. Manga readers on the other hand knew that an announcement sooner or later was coming.

Maybe it’s all for the Best?

Turns our Black Clover production crew preferred a hiatus over extensive fillers. And from my personal point of view, it is a brilliant decision made by the team. Nobody loves fillers. Instead, the Black Clover team can take as much time as they want, and eventually start airing the Episodes again, once there is a massive gap between the Manga and the Anime.

The Big Announcement regarding the Black Clover Anime Ending comes on March 30, let’s hope its all for the best! Fingers crossed 🤞