Senrigan Dojutsu Boruto |Eida Boruto


What is Senrigan? Senrigan is a ocular Dojutsu that is owned by the Tsubasa Clan in Naruto or Boruto universe. It is a Kekkei Genkai Dojutsu as the abilities work via the user’s eye. It is a forbidden jutsu as it’s usage comes with a cost. Drawbacks of Senrigan The biggest drawback of this Dojutsu … Read more

Top 10 Most Memorable One Piece Quotes

Best One Piece Quotes

One Piece is one of the longest-running manga series and has provided many quotable moments. Today we cover the 10 Best One Piece Quotes that we still live by. One Piece is jam-packed with inspirational quotes, emotional life lessons, thought-provoking characters, and a meaningful story that drives it forward. Let’s get going… 10. Dr Hiluluk “When … Read more

5 Best Manga Written by Female Writers

Best Manga Written by Female Writers

Manga are graphic novels that invaded not only Japan but the entire world as well. After successfully writing a Manga, these immensely popular arts are adapted into Anime, Movies, live-action Movies and plays. Although the Japanese Anime|Manga industry is dominated by men, there are actually tons of animes created by women that most wouldn’t even … Read more

Black Clover Anime Ends on March 30

Black Clover Anime Ending

Black Clover is one of the most popular New Generation Anime Series. Unfortunately, the Spade-Kingdom Arc, one of the finest arcs in the whole series will mark its last. The official Twitter Page for Black Clover announced that the Anime will be ending on March 30 airing its final episode 170. The Twitter Page also … Read more

One Piece Chapter 999 – Kaido’s Devil Fruit Revealed

Kaido's Devil Fruit Revealed

Summary of One Piece Chapter 999! Plenty of Spoilers ahead, please read at your own risk. One Piece Chapter 999 Title: “The waiting liquor I made for you” (君がため醸みし待酒) One Piece Chapter 999 Basic Summary Yamato vs Ace When Ace came to Onigashima, Kaido wasn’t there as he was traveling. Ace came to Onigashima to … Read more