Dominance of Top 4 Leagues in Champions League

Champions League Football is finally back and this article deals with the Dominance of Top 4 Leagues in the Champions League. The final fixtures of the draw for the last 16 of the Champions League are:

  • Barcelona vs PSG
  • RB Leipzig vs Liverpool
  • B.Monchengladbach vs Manchester City
  • Porto vs Juventus
  • Sevilla vs Borussia Dortmund
  • Lazio vs Bayern Munich
  • Atalanta vs Real Madrid
  • Atletico Madrid vs Chelsea

The top 4 leagues make up 14 of the remaining 16 teams. PSG and Porto are the remaining two teams from France and Portugal respectively.

From the list of the last 16 fixtures above, you can clearly notice that almost 90% of the Last 16 Clubs belong to the Top 4 Leagues of the world. The Leagues are categorized on the basis of competitiveness. And as far as competitiveness goes, Premier League is the most competitive league in the world and the hardest to win. Following the Premier League, Laliga is the second most competitive league. A list of Top 5 most competitive leagues in the world are:

  1. Premier League – England
  2. Laliga – Spain
  3. Serie A – Italy
  4. Bundesliga – Germany
  5. Ligue 1 – France
Teams in Last 16 From Top 4 Leagues

There is complete dominance of the Top 4 leagues in the Last 16 of the champions league this season. There are two countries that have all 4 of their teams still in the competition. The first one being Spain. Spain comprises the most successful club in European Football, Real Madrid, alongside other European Giants Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, and Sevilla. Although some of these Laliga teams struggled at the Group Stage, all four of them did qualify for the next round.

The second one being Germany who consists of the Defending Champions Bayern Munich alongside Dortmund, Leipzig, and B.Monchengladbach. Just like Laliga, Bundesliga also didn’t lose any of their teams in the group stage.

Then we have two countries with 3 teams still in the competition. First of all, England. The Premier League lost Manchester United to the Europa League but they still have Manchester City, Liverpool, and Chelsea. And finally, Italy who also bring three of their teams to the Last 16. Serie A lost Inter Milan in the Group Stage of the Tournament. The three Italian teams that are still in the Tournament are Juventus, Atalanta, and Lazio.

This Season : 20/21
  • Laliga: Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Sevilla
  • Bundesliga: Bayern Munich, Dortmund, Leipzig and B.Monchengladbach.
  • Premier League: Manchester City, Liverpool, and Chelsea
  • Serie A: Juventus, Atalanta and Lazio
Last Season : 19/20
  • Premier League: Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham
  • Laliga: Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Valencia
  • Serie A: Juventus, Napoli and Atalanta
  • Bundesliga: Bayern Munich, Dortmund and B.Monchengladbach

As you can see, last season also 14 out of 16 teams made up the Last 16 tie. And even if we research earlier seasons, the numbers are almost the same.

Champions League Winners

Given the dominance of the Top 4 leagues in the Champions League, it’s incredibly hard for teams from other Leagues to win this incredible Tournament. Below here is a list of the 20 teams that have won this prestigious title this century.

  • 2001 Bayern Munich
  • 2002 Real Madrid
  • 2003 Milan
  • 2004 Porto
  • 2005 Liverpool
  • 2006 Barcelona
  • 2007 Milan
  • 2008 Manchester United
  • 2009 Barcelona
  • 2010 Inter
  • 2011 Barcelona
  • 2012 Chelsea
  • 2013 Bayern Munich
  • 2014 Real Madrid
  • 2015 Barcelona
  • 2016 Real Madrid
  • 2017 Real Madrid
  • 2018 Real Madrid
  • 2019 Liverpool
  • 2020 Bayern Munich

In 2 decades, only a single team outside of the Top 4 leagues has won this Incredible Trophy. Porto are the only team in 20 years to have won the Champions League while being an underdog outside of the Top 4 leagues. Jose Mourinho’s Porto lifted the Champions League Trophy in 2003-04 season defeating Monaco of France with a scoreline of 3-0. Besides Porto, all other teams who did win the Champions League these last 2 decades belong to the Top 4 Leagues in the world.

Dominance within Top 4 Leagues in Europe based on Champions League Titles Won this Century:

  1. Spanish/Laliga Teams: 9 Champions League Titles Collectively
  2. English/PL Teams: 4 Champions League Titles Collectively
  3. Italian/Serie A Teams: 3 Champions League Titles Collectively
  4. German/Bundesliga Teams: 3 Champions League Titles

Hence, the Top 4 Leagues have always been dominant in Europe and in Champions League.