Easy Naruto Quiz | How Well Do You Know Naruto?

The Naruto Manga Series is one of the most successful and beloved series that follows the story of Uzumaki Naruto. Naruto has been lauded for storytelling, art, characters and humor.

Almost every fan of Anime knows this manga series, but just how well do you know Naruto? Find out by taking this easy naruto quiz right now!

This Naruto Quiz consists of 12 questions. To give you more information, in this quiz you’ll be asked questions about the Naruto Anime, about the characters, story, fights, adventures, and everything that is about Naruto! After you answer all of the questions, you will be shown a final page of the quiz, where you’ll be able to see your correct/incorrect answers and your overall score in the quiz! Good luck!

Easy Naruto Quiz !


Naruto Quiz

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Which trait is common in the Uzumaki Clan?

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What’s Sasuke’s goal at the beginning of the series?

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” Kotoamatsukami ” , who does this special ability belong to?

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Who created the Akatsuki?

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Who is the youngest Kage in Naruto Universe?

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What clan did Kimimaro belong to?

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How many tails does Naruto release in his battle against Orochimaru?

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Who was the first Ninja to be attacked by Naruto’s Rasenshuriken?

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Who prevented Naruto from submitting to 9-tails while he was fighting Pain?

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From what village was  Kisame Hoshigaki?

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Who was the first Akatsuki Member to die?

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Who invented the Rasengan First?

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