Facebook Community Accelerator 2021 Announced To Assist Community Leaders

So, what exactly is Facebook Community Accelerator?

Facebook Community Accelerator is a worldwide program that helps community leaders (Group Admins or Organizations with a presence in FB Groups) all over the globe to develop leadership skills. This program helps the leaders make better use of Facebook’s tool to maximize, positive impact on the community.

Basic Requirements For Community Accelerator Program

  1. Facebook started the community accelerator program last year (2020). Therefore, the participants of the 2020 Community Accelerator Program aren’t eligible to apply this time.
  2. Age: Community Leaders must be at least 18 years old.
  3. Age of Facebook Group: The Facebook Group must have existed for at least a year.
  4. Minimum Members: Group must have a minimum of 1000 members.
  5. Language: Facebook Groups must use one of the following languages
    • Brazil: Portuguese
    • Columbia, Chile, Peru, Mexico, and Argentina: Spanish
    • Germany, Austria, and Switzerland: German
    • All Remaining Nations: English
  6. Residence: Only the participants residing in the following countries can apply for the program:
    • Philippines
    • United States
    • Argentina
    • Mexico
    • Brazil
    • Peru
    • Chile
    • Indonesia
    • Thailand
    • Singapore
    • Malaysia
    • United Kingdom
    • Germany
    • Switzerland
    • Austria
    • South Africa
    • Kenya
    • South Africa
    • India
    • Nigeria
    • Egypt
    • Morocco

Facebook themselves will guide the selected participants, and also provide funding as well as training to those participants to develop and enhance their leadership skills.

Facebook Community Accelerator
Facebook Community Accelerator

Funding: $50k USD Per Selected Participants

Facebook are working with GlobalGiving to offer participants up to $50k USD. The program has a tenure of 8 months and during this time, participants receive $50k USD to help their community initiatives and can further receive additional funding of $1M USD to fund the community initiatives given they are eligible.

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Selection for Facebook Community Accelerator Progam

Facebook will be selecting participants through a 3 step process.

The selection committee will look for Facebook Groups or Communities that could benefit most from this Accelerator Program.

Interested Leaders or Admins from the Facebook groups, first and foremost must clear the basic requirements which I have already listed above. If you are already ineligible for even one of the points listed above, then your application might get easily declined.

The 3 Selection Steps are:

Step 1: Fill out our short application on the Community Accelerator website to express interest in participating.

Step 2: If you qualify, Facebook will invite you to fill out a longer written application and submit a video.

Step 3: Finalists will be invited for an interview.

What Participations Will Learn?

After successfully completing the program, participants would various Leadership skills.

  1. Community Identity Foundations:
    • Participants will develop and/or refine their community’s mission, member and stakeholder engagement strategy, Theory of Change, and more.
  2. Leading Action-Oriented Communities:
    • Participants will learn skills to lead effective teams, engage members in projects that further community goals, manage volunteers, and more.
  3. Sustainability:
    • Participants will learn best practices for community income generation and options for organizational structures that help maximize community impact.

Source: Facebook