What is Minimal Readership? Facebook Minimal Readership Issue

Facebook is the biggest social media platform and it’s understandable that many businesses out there in Facebook want to utilize this social traffic as efficiently as possible. Keeping this in mind, Facebook launched Instant Articles in 2015. Instant Articles are just like Google Amp, but in this case, articles from your website will launch instantly on Facebook itself. Hence, the name Instant Articles. You can run Facebook Ads in Instant Articles and generate revenue from those ads. 

Now, to get started with Instant Articles, you need a Facebook Page which is at least 3 months old and a website with at least 10+ articles. If you meet this criterion, you can sign up for Instant Articles. However, not everyone who has signed up for Instant Articles gets the approval right away. Many website owners normally face the issue of Minimal Readership. Minimal Readership simply means that your particular website ( the one you are trying to get Instant Articles approved for ) doesn’t have certain minimum traffic which Facebook demands. Although Facebook hasn’t specified anything about minimum traffic requirements for Instant Articles directly in words, you must at least have 15000 website visitors in the last 30 days. Keep in mind, these visitors must be from Facebook.
You can have excellent traffic to your website from Google’s Organic search but still, if your website doesn’t have at least 15K visitors in the last 30 days from Facebook, your application will be declined. This is what Minimal Readership means on Facebook.

How to solve the Minimum Readership Issue?

The straight and forward answer would be to get more exposure to your site from Facebook. For this, you can first grow your page and build a fairly good amount of audience in your niche. Keep posting great posts to get more reach from Facebook. You can also try out Facebook Groups. Create Groups focusing on your specific niche. 

Once your Facebook Page and Group start to get a decent amount of exposure on a daily basis, start to share articles. Share those articles on your Page, Groups, and your Page’s story as well. Remember, the goal is to get at least 15K visitors to your site in the last 30 days to get rid of the Minimal Readership Issue. Keep track of your Insights and the no. of link clicks to your site. 

So it’s not that hard honestly. Keep patience and don’t try to spam your articles everywhere on Facebook. Just keep it clean and simple. I assure you will be eventually there. I hope you know clear about The Facebook Minimal Readership Issue.

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