Genshin Impact Producers targeting a Virtual World by 2030

Genshin Impact producers are planning to create a virtual world like Sword Art Online. This is the latest and huge news brewing up amongst the fans of popular RPG Genshin Impact. According to the president of miHoYo, Cai Haoyu, the company plans to create a complete virtual world that could accommodate at least one billion people by the end of 2030.

Cai Haoyu recently gave a presentation to SJTV-SV covering miHoYo’s growth and upcoming plans. And one of these major plans is A big one, a complete virtual world in 2030 in which a billion people are willing to live. President Haoyu also stated that one of the main reasons Genshin Impact was created as an open-world game is that, they see this as the closest prototype for the virtual world.

A Virtual World by Year 2030

Genshin Impact is an open-world RPG that debuted in September 2020. The game earned $245 million in the first month of its launch propelling it up the grossing charts. Studies show that the mobile version is the one that is in the hot seat right now, owing to its ease of use and accessibility. And now his goal is to create something much bigger than Genshin Impact by 2030, a virtual world with enough content to entertain a billion people. I don’t think it is completely unfathomable if they stay hungry and aggressive. As a private company, they made enough money from Honkai Impact 3 to retire, and bet all of it on Genshin. That is not something you see from public companies. They have rejected investments from Tencent for the same reason, they really believe they can use the money from Genshin to make something much bigger than Genshin, and they are not afraid to risk it all.

Fans all over the world are very excited about this project. Now since the project is in talks, let’s just wait and see if the producers can really pull off such an impressive feat by 2030.

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