Hunter x Hunter Quiz | How well do you know Hunter x Hunter?

Hunter x Hunter Quiz Easy Edition.

Hunter x Hunter is loved and cherished by thousands of Anime fans. And if you are into the Shonen genre, then it’s unlikely that you haven’t read/watched Hunter x Hunter. Almost every Anime fans know about this masterpiece. But how well do you know about Hunter x Hunter? Find out by taking this small quiz right away.


Hunter x Hunter Quiz

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How many floors does Heavens Arena have?

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In Hunter x Hunter 2011 Killua watched a porn movie. This information is:

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Which one of these is Gon’s Birthplace ?

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Who among these wrote Hunter x Hunter?

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The Hunter x Hunter 2011 was a remake of its original version, when did the original version start airing?

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One of the following characters didn’t pass the 287th Hunter Exam, who is it?

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Who among these is the Spider who died at Yorknew City?

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The Members of the Phantom Troupe are known as :

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How many people failed in the 287th Hunter Exam?

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Yoshihiro Togashi also wrote:

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The average score is 53%


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