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What is Senrigan?

Senrigan is a ocular Dojutsu that is owned by the Tsubasa Clan in Naruto or Boruto universe. It is a Kekkei Genkai Dojutsu as the abilities work via the user’s eye. It is a forbidden jutsu as it’s usage comes with a cost.

Drawbacks of Senrigan

The biggest drawback of this Dojutsu is that, user goes permanently blind after using it for the very first time and this is irreversible. Besides this, this Dojutsu is also believed to have other many drawbacks according to the leaders of Tsubasa Clan. And because of this reason, the Senri-gan dojutsu is a forbidden jutsu in the Shinobi world. It is rarely used and hence it’s relatively unknown within the Shinobi World.

Eida Boruto

Eida is another broken character that recently appeared in Boruto Manga. Eida owns the Senrigan and so far, only two of her abilities have been explained.

The first ability is the eye of omniscience or of clairvoyance. This ability allows her to see briefly into the future. And thanks to this ability, Eida can easily anticipate what the enemy’s next strike will be and how to counter it. Therefore this ability of her is very overpowered and can help win a battle significantly.

Senrigan users like Eida can also sometimes see their comrades death which provides them a chance to prevent it or warn them in beforehand. Ofcourse the ability of seeing far more into the future depends on how developed the Eye is. In the beginning phase, users can see into the future for a very small time period compared to the Advanced Stages where the time period will be a bit more.

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The second ability she owns allows her to capture people’s heart and break all their will and bad intentions towards her, only to turn it into an infuriating love and desire. Her second ability is somewhat similar to Boa Hancock from One Piece.

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