Shanks Will Finally Move In 2021

Red-Haired Shanks will finally move in 2021. Shanks is arguably the most mysterious man in One Piece, although Dragon is equally up for debate for “The Most Mysterious Man” position.

It’s been 20+ years since One Piece dropped their Chapter-1, and now we are at mind-boggling 1000+ chapters. One Piece is one of those few stories which despite having this amount of chapters have never gone astray from the main theme of the show. Instead, more and more mysteries have piled up, and just thinking about what possibly could be the truth about these mysteries, always have us at the edge of our seats. One of those many mysteries is Red-Haired Shanks himself and a big one too.

Shanks immediately became a fan-favorite character within the first 5 episodes of this series. Later he went on to stop one of the Greatest War in One Piece history without breaking any sweat. He saved our hero twice. Now, let’s get down to business. Because he is this mysterious, fans always love to see him in action. But unfortunately, he isn’t one of those Characters who has been blessed with even a satisfactory amount of Screen-Time. We see him once every 200 chapters. Hence, the reason why he has a handful of appearances in the Entire Series until Chapter 1000.

Oda’s Statement

But recently One Piece author Eiichiro Oda made a statement saying, “That Red-Haired Guy Will Make his move “! Shanks will finally make his move in 2021. To simply break it down, Shanks will be portrayed in many Manga Panels in 2021, and for “Anime-Only” fans, they will finally get to see much more about him in 2022 as there is an approximate 1-Year Gap between One Piece Manga and One Piece Anime.

Many fans are excited about this statement. Besides this Oda said, The Story is moving towards its final stage! Therefore not only Shanks but we will get to see a whole lot more in upcoming chapters of 2021 as things are finally starting to get wrapped up!