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So what is European Super League?

European Super League is a new mid-week competition created by 12 of Europe’s Biggest Football Clubs.
Currently, there are 12 Founding Clubs at the time of the announcement of the Super League. Although, 3 more clubs as Founding members are intended to join ahead of the inaugural season.

The Current Founding Clubs of the European Super League are:

  • Real Madrid
  • Barcelona
  • Atletico Madrid
  • Manchester United
  • Liverpool
  • Arsenal
  • Chelsea
  • Tottenham Hotspurs
  • Manchester City
  • Juventus
  • Inter Milan
  •  AC Milan
What is European Super League?
What is European Super League? European Super League Announced

What is the Format of the European Super League?

There will be 20 participating clubs with 15 Founding Clubs and a qualifying mechanism for a further 5 teams to qualify annually based on achievements in the prior season.

The season will start in August, with clubs participating in two groups of ten, playing home and away fixtures, with the top three in each group automatically qualifying for the quarter-finals.

Teams finishing fourth and fifth will then compete in a two legged playoff for the remaining quarter final positions. A two leg knock-out format will be used to reach the final at the end of May, which will be staged as a single fixture at a neutral venue.

The statement released by Florentino Perez, the current Chairman of European Super League:

“We will help Football at every level and take it to its rightful place in the world. Football is the only global sport in the world with more than 4 billion fans and our responsibility as big clubs is to respond to their desires.”

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What is European Super League? Are Bayern and Dortmund in it?

No, as it stands, German Giants Bayern Munich and Borrusia Dortmund are against the concept of a new European League and have officially released statements saying, they won’t take part in such a league. Also according to the statement released by ESL chairman Florentino Perez, they have yet to have talks with the German Clubs.

Are PSG in European Super League?

No, according to the statement released by the ESL Chairman, PSG weren’t invited to European Super League. However they could be part of this new league in the future.

Florentino Perez Interview On European Super League

Florentino Perez European Super League
Florentino Perez on European Super League

The Chairman of the European Super League spoke about the newly formed League and tried to give answers to many confusions regarding this league. What is European Super League? Why it was formed? Why is it better than current Champions League? Why ESL is the future of Football, he gave his views regarding to all of these queries.

  • | Florentino Perez: “First time I’m at #ElchiringuitoTv and maybe the last too.” 
  • 🎙| Florentino Perez: “Top clubs in Spain and England are coming to conclusions about fixing football. Madrid alone lost €400 million this season, nothing was being done about that.”
  • 🎙 | Florentino Perez: “Here at Real Madrid, we lost a lot of money and we are in a very bad situation.”
  • 🎙| Florentino Perez: “When you have no income other than broadcasting rights, you say the solution is to offer more attractive matches that allow fans from all around the world watch the big teams play against each other.”
  • 🎙️| Florentino Perez: “Football is going through a very tough situation, and the Super League will save the clubs financially.”
  • 🎙| Florentino Perez: “We came to the conclusion that having the Super League instead of the Champions League, we could help alleviate the lost income.”
  • 🎙 | Florentino Perez: “The more competitive games, the more revenue clubs will generate and that is how they will survive this situation. The Super League is the solution.”
  • 🎙️| Florentino Perez: “Football HAS to evolve.”
  • 🎙️| Florentino Perez: “40% of young people aren’t interested in football, because there are too many games of low quality. And we had to adapt.”
  • 🎙| Florentino Perez: “16-24 year old fans aren’t interested in football.”
  • 🎙| Florentino Perez: “We have to change something to make this sport more attractive at a global level. That is what we did with Bernabeu.”
  • 🎙️| Florentino Perez: “If we have more money, it will be better for EVERYONE, because we will be able to sign players from smaller clubs for a lot of money and help them too.”
  • 🎙| Florentino Perez: “All I do is for the good of football.”
  • 🎙️| Florentino Perez: “This will be better for ALL clubs, not just the elite.”
  • 🎙️| Florentino Perez: “The Super League is NOT a closed league. That’s TOTALLY FALSE. It’s an open league that any good team can reach, regardless of the name.” 
  • 🚨🎙| Florentino Perez: “We have FIFTEEN teams and another FIVE teams. It will NOT be a closed league. The five teams will EARN their place every season.”
  • 🎙| Florentino Perez: “The Super League is like the Champions League.”
  • 🎙️| Florentino Perez: “That new #UCL format will NOT save football. I don’t undertsand it, it won’t help anything.”
  • 🎙| Florentino Perez: “If you win, you receive €120 to 130m from UEFA but with Super League we will earn much MORE.”
  • 🎙| Florentino Perez: “We want to save football for the next 20 years. The Super League will do that.”
  • 🎙| Florentino Perez: “UEFA is a MONOPOLY, they had to say what they said today.”
  • 🎙️| Florentino Perez: “Our players will NOT be banned from the World Cup. I guarantee it. They can be 100% certain of it.”
  • 🎙| Florentino Perez: “I came in 2000 to save Real Madrid and I did, I saved the club.”
  • 🎙️| Florentino Perez: “Kicking us out from this season’s #UCL? Absolutely not. I guarantee it at a 100%.”
  • 🎙️| Florentino Perez: “It’s over. Their monopoly is over. It’s time for a new era.”
  • 🎙| Florentino Perez: “Sevilla is one of the clubs that can enter the League. It will not be closed. We believe in what the clubs can offer so they will fight to play in the competition.”
  • 🎙️| Florentino Perez: “They can’t kick us out from this season’s #UCL, and that they can’t kick us out from our domestic leagues. Totally impossible.”
  • 🎙️| Florentino Perez: “They (UEFA) believe we’re their property and they can do whatever they want with us, and they’re wrong.”
  • 🎙| Florentino Perez: “With all due respect, we want to save football. We have to make it so that in the next 20 years no club loses €200 million. The situation is tragic.”
  • 🎙| Florentino Perez: “Tebas? You have to show respect.”
  • 🎙| Florentino Perez: “Manchester-Barca will be more attractive than Manchester vs a smaller team.”
  • 🎙️| Florentino Perez: “We have NOT invited PSG.”
  • 🎙🚨 | Florentino Perez: “The Champions League is attractive only from the quarterfinals. Nobody cares about the games before.”
  • 🎙️| Florentino Perez: “The UEFA president INSULTED Agnelli today, and that is UNACCEPTABLE.”
  • 🎙️| Florentino Perez: “It’s RIDICULOUS that the UEFA president can allow himself to insult the president of a huge European club. We don’t need these type of people in football. Disrespectful and unacceptable.”
  • 🎙️| Florentino Perez: “Without the Super League, football will DIE before 2024. Big and small clubs will die.”
  • 🎙🚨 Florentino Perez: “We want to start as soon as possible. We will talk to UEFA and FIFA, but they should not get angry, they know that.”
  • 🎙️| Florentino Perez: “This change, we owe it to all the fans.”
  • 🎙️| Florentino Perez: “Everything sorrounding football will be improved with the Super League.”
  • 🎙️| Florentino Perez: “VAR? Referees? Everything will change, for the good”.
  • 🎙️| Florentino Perez: “It wasn’t difficult to convince Joan Laporta.”
  • 🎙️| Florentino Perez: “Barcelona are going through a difficult economic situation, Laporta immediately understood and accepted like all the great clubs in the world. This Super League will save the entire world of football”.
  • 🎙️| Florentino Perez: “One of our clubs panicking and leaving? No, they already signed.”
  • 🎙️| Florentino Perez: “We’ve been working on this project for 20 years now. We owe it to all the fans”.
  • 🎙️| Florentino Perez: “We will hire some of the best referees in the world.”
  • 🎙️| Florentino Perez: “We have not invited PSG. If Bayern refuses to join it won’t cancel, don’t worry”.
  • 🎙️| Florentino Perez: “Small clubs’ survival depend on us, and this will be good for them.”
  • 🎙️ Florentino Perez: “If I had to, I would leave my post as Super League president for Joan Laporta tomorrow.”
  • 🎙️| Florentino Perez: “It’s statistics. Teenagers are more interested in playing video games than in football these days, and we have to do something to bring them back.”
  • 🎙️ Florentino Perez: “I was choosen as a president because of my experience”.
  • 🎙️| Florentino Perez: “I know LeBron James’ salary because it’s public, but I don’t know the UEFA president’s salary. Why?”
  • 🎙️ Florentino Perez: “I know the salary of Lebron James, but not UEFA president. Transparency? Eh, no, there’s not.”
  • 🎙️| Florentino Perez: “We want TRANSPARENCY. Why do I know how much LeBron James earns, but no people at UEFA or La Liga officials? Why?”
  • 🎙️ Florentino Perez: “The salary cap will be 55%”.
  • 🎙🚨 Florentino Perez: “UEFA has to understand that football has changed.”
  • 🎙️| Florentino Perez: “Talking to Javier Tebas? No.”
  • 🎙️| Florentino Perez: “UEFA does not have a good image throughout it’s history, don’t make me talk.”
  • 🎙️| Florentino Perez: “We might have to make the football match shorter if it’s not interesting.”
  • 🎙️| Florentino Perez: “If they want to wait for 2024 to make the reform, they can wait. We’re not waiting for anyone.”
  • 🎙️| Florentino Perez: “This isn’t a battle for money, this is a battle for football. We’re trying to save football, and some people don’t care because it’s not in their financial interest.”
  • 🎙️| Florentino Perez: “There are some games that I can’t stand to watch.”
  • 🎙️| Florentino Perez: “We can have a second division of Super League, for example.”
  • 🎙️| Florentino Perez: “Us, big clubs, we will get a lot of money, then we will distribute it to everyone. But first we need the money.”
  • 🎙️| Florentino Perez: “MARCA criticizing us? The owner of MARCA is the owner of Torino, Juventus rivals. Makes sense (laughs).”
  • 🎙🚨 | Florentino Perez: “CR7 is NOT coming back. I love him but it wouldn’t make sense.”
  • “Sergio Ramos? Okay. I’m leaving.”
  • “Vinicius isn’t for sale. You can’t buy him, you can’t even touch him.”
  • “Zidane is our best manager ever. A legend.”
  • “Zidane staying or leaving? You never know with him.”
  • “I hope Messi continues at Barcelona.”
  • “When Madrid and Barcelona play, the world stops. It’s a luxury that we have here. When Manchester United and City play that doesn’t happen.”
  • “Will our first Super League championship be considered the 14th #UCL? No, it will be considered the 15th, because maybe the 14th is coming this year.”
  • “Can I leave now?”

Source of Interview: ElChiringuito TV

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