When does Kurama Die?

When does Kurama die? Is he really dead?

Boruto chapter 55 left us all grieving as Kurama the 9 tailed fox, a character a lot of us have known since early childhood died protecting Naruto.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is a sequel to the legendary tale of Naruto. And ever since Boruto manga started there had been countless speculations of Uzumaki Naruto dying. Fans all over the world have been always stressed over what possibly could be the fate of the legendary duo: Naruto and Sasuke. Some even theorized that, Sasuke and Naruto will sacrifice themselves for the sake of new generation.

However this was not the on the script, well atleast for the time being. Kurama, the 9 tailed fox who has always been with Naruto ever since the day of his birth sacrificed himself to protect the seventh Hokage of Hidden Leaf Village.

What episode does Kurama die in Boruto?

Kurama dies at Episode 218 of the Boruto Anime.

Baryon Mode, the idea proposed by Kurama himself to stop Isshiki Otsutsuki finally worked. At first not only Naruto but all of us fans were led to believe that cost of using Baryon Mode would be Naruto’s life. However that was a lie made by Kurama. In truth the cost of using Baryon Mode would take Kurama’s life only.

When Does Kurama Die?
When Does Kurama Die?

Kurama has been with Naruto since day 1 and he knows what sort of a guy Naruto really is. Kurama intentionally deceived Naruto into believing that Baryon Mode would take them both out.

When Does Kurama Die?
When Does Kurama Die?

The reason? Because he knew Naruto would most likely turn down this plan even if it were the only their option of defeating Isshiki. In reality, Kurama’s life was the cost of this all or nothing plan. And Naruto would never approve of Kurama’s sacrifice even if it meant defeating Isshiki. Our knucklehead ninja is not the type of person to sacrifice anyone. It would have been incredibly awful if both Naruto and Kurama were to die. But still there is something about Kurama going alone that hits very differently.

Will Kurama comeback in Naruto?

Nope, Kurama is not coming back in Boruto. Kurama is dead because of the use of excessive chakra from Baryon Mode fusion and he cannot come back to life now onwards.

When Does Kurama Die?
When Does Kurama Die?

Otsutsuki Hagoromo, a long time ago split the ten tails into 9 living creatures. Hagoromo created these tailed beasts not only to take the ten tails out of existence but also to create balance in the world. And thanks to Hashirama, Hagoromo’s idea worked as the tailed beasts were given to various villages for the sake of maintaining equality among all the nations in the Shinobi world.

Now the most fascinating thing about these tailed beasts is that they cannot die. Now you might be wondering, then why cannot Kurama come back? Well it’s not that simple.

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The main reason the tailed beasts cannot die is because they are pure form of chakra. Once a tailed beast dies, they will eventually reappear in nature. Remember Rin as a jinchuriki? She sacrificed herself at the hands of Kakashi. She committed suicide with a tailed beast inside her. We saw that 3 Tails did return to life even after dying along with Rin.

It hasn’t been stated regarding the time span for a dead tailed beast to be able to return to life….however they do return to life and Rin and 3 tail’s example is a major proof.

So, why cannot Kurama come back to Life?

When Does Kurama Die?
When Does Kurama Die?

The main reason Kurama cannot comeback to life is because his chakra was literally consumed by the Baryon Mode fusion.

Kurama’s chakra literally burned until it ran out as a source of energy for the Baryon Mode. So yeah, the entire point I’m trying to make is that, Kurama’s entire chakra has been consumed and he doesn’t have any means to return to the world now. Remember …as I mentioned previously, tailed beasts are massive pools of chakra that were created by Otsutsuki Hagoromo after splitting ten tails? So if there’s not an ounce of chakra left within a tailed beast then there is no way for him to be able to return to the world.

When does Kurama die?

Icym….Kurama dies at episode 218 and Chapter 55 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

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