Who is the Weakest Kage In Boruto?

If you ever wondered who is the Weakest of the Five Kage in Boruto, then this article has got you covered. This article will be ranking all the Boruto Kage from weakest to strongest.

So, Who is the Weakest Kage in Boruto?

Most feats of the Five Kage come from their fight against  Momoshiki Otsutsuki and Kinshiki Otsutsuki. So, the ranking in this article will heavily rely on that particular fight. Boruto manga doesn’t really focus on the Five Kage because it’s about the new generation and we hardly see anyone from the older generation. The Kage not being much relevant at this point makes it slightly complex to scale them.

The Boruto Anime for the inclusion of additional plot and character development did include the other Kage at different stages of the Anime and certain arcs focused in the respective Kage’s village.

However, in spite of getting a moderate amount of screen time, their feats in a real battle are minimalistic. Thus, the ranking will be based on the Legendary battle against the Otsutsuki.

Now let’s get started to know, who the Weakest Kage in Boruto is!

The Weakest Kage in Boruto is Chōjūrō from the Village Hidden in Mist. He is one of the last generations of Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. He served as the retainer of the Fifth Mizukage, before later becoming the Sixth Mizukage.


Unfortunately, Chojuro is considered the weakest of the Five Kage. His contribution against Momoshiki and Kinshiki was the least in comparison to others. Chojuro fights Kinshiki with the help of Kurotsuchi and Sasuke. But during the fight, Chojuro doesn’t do too well. He tries to cut Kinshiki with his sword but Kinshiki despite being Off Gaurd dodges his attack quite easily. After dodging Chojuro gets blitzed and Kinshiki cuts his chest inflicting a wound.

Even in Naruto Shippuden, he wasn’t exactly considered as an extraordinary shinobi. His main strength comes from his sword Hiramekarei. This sword is one of the seven ninja swords of the mist and is very unique in its own way. This sword possesses the capability of storing large amounts of chakra. At the same time, Hiramekarei can emit a humongous amount of chakra whilst converting the shape of the chakra into different shapes that could inflict damage to the opponents according to the situation and the number of enemies that the wielder faces.

Wielding Hiramekarei uses a huge amount of the wielder’s chakra and it takes an enormous amount of skill to perfectly wield the sword and get the maximum benefit of being its owner.

When first introduced Chojuro was shown as an inexperienced shinobi who was the Bodyguard of Mei Terumi the Fifth Mizukage. However, he still had an important identity as he was part of the Seven Ninja Swordsman of the Mist who are viewed as High Jonin to Low Kage level. After the war, Chojuro became a mature individual who had experience in the war and as a Jonin which led him to be the first choice as the Sixth Mizukage.

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Kurotsuchi ranks higher simply because of her contribution against the Otsutsuki’s was greater. As we were discussing about Kinshiki blitzing Chojuro and cutting his chest, right after that Kinshiki was going for the kill, right at that moment Kurotsuchi uses this opportunity and initiates a surprise attack and punches Kinshiki away. Then with the help of Sasuke and Chojuro who were distracting Kinshiki, she uses Earth style “Ash Stone Sealing Jutsu” to successfully restrain Kinshiki.

Moving away from the Otsutsuki battle Kurotsuchi has always been a great candidate as the future Tsuchikage.

She is the granddaughter of the Third Tsuchikage Onoki and she has a rare Kekkei Genkai, Lava Style which comes from combining Earth Release and Fire Release. Kurotsuchi has also shown ability to use Water Release.

Kurotsuchi was always considered as a Kage level shinobi in her village leading her to be the Third Tsuchikage her grandfather’s bodyguard.

Her contributions in the war were very important for leading the shinobi against the huge white zetsu army. Her reputation and skills at the war gave her the reputation to become the next Tsuchikage.


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Darui was already considered a really strong shinobi even in Shippuden. The 4th Raikage trusted him as his right hand and considered him to be one of the strongest shinobi in his village.

He was always a candidate to be the next Raikage as he was considered the strongest after Raikage and Killer Bee in his respectable village.

Darui has the rare Kekkei Genkai: Storm Release, which is a combination of Lighting and Water release. Darui is also fluent in the usage of Wind, Lighting, and water transformations. Darui can also use black lightning which is one of the rarest abilities ever seen in the entire franchise. With black lightning, he has attacks such as Lightning Release: Black Panther.

His contribution at the Great Shinobi War was massive. He was the leader of the First Division of the Allied Shinobi forces and his achievement in sealing Kinkaku and Ginkaku earned him a great reputation.

His contribution against the Otsutsuki’s was better than the previous Kage, he fought and was able to restrain Base Momoshiki who scales far above Kinshiki. Base Momoshiki is a godly character and Darui just scales higher because of his feats.


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Gaara was Jonin level at the chunin exams in Naruto Part 1. Gaara could easily take on most Jonin at such a young age. Gaara then went on to become the Kazekage of the sand at the very beginning of Shippuden. Thus, becoming the youngest shinobi to ever become Kage.

Gaara kept getting better at his abilities as time progressed. Even after losing Shukaku the One-Tailed Beast, Gaara didn’t become weak. In fact, he got better at his chakra and sand control.

War arc Gaara scales above all of the previous Kage in this list. His feats against Madara put him massively above the rest of the Kage. Adult Gaara is massively stronger than as we discuss his feats against Momoshiki.

Gaara reacts to Fused Momoshiki and directly blocks a powerful punch from him. Fused Momoshiki is known to be massively faster and stronger than both Kaguya and Kinshiki, and Gaara blocking a straight punch from him shows that Adult Gaara’s reaction speed and his sand durability have exceeded any sand shinobi in the history of the Sand Village.

Gaara being an exceptional Magnet style user also has a unique sealing Jutsu that would seal almost most of the character, once trapped in that seal it would extremely hard to escape from the Sand Pyramid Sealing Jutsu.

Adult Gaara would simply solo the Boruto Era Five Kage (excluding Naruto) of course. Gaara is fast enough to speed blitz and seal any of his opponents.

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It’s a No-Brainer and probably, everyone saw this coming. We don’t feel the need to elaborate. End of Shippuden SOSP Naruto would simply wipe out the Boruto Kage from existence, let alone Adult Naruto who is massively superior to his teenage version.

Adult Naruto is considered to be the strongest Shinobi of all time with only Sasuke as his close rival. In the latest chapters of the Boruto manga, Naruto simply became stronger than all of his previous versions with the help of Baryon Mode.

It is specifically stated that a shinobi who has Six Paths chakra just becomes stronger with more experience and training and it is one of the reasons why Naruto has gotten stronger. Naruto in the novel is stated to be training even when he’s busy with the Hokage work. Base Naruto has feats like reacting and tanking a direct attack from Fused Momoshiki. Which just puts his reaction speed, combat speed, and durability above all characters.

Adult Base Naruto would be enough to take on all Boruto Kage himself.

That’s all for today’s Article guys.

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