Why is Naruto Busy | Why does Naruto have so much work as a Hokage

#So, Why is Naruto busy?

The main reason is that everyone’s living in peace. Unlike the previous Hokage, who were living when none of the 5 great nations were United. There was a constant threat all the time. But now, it’s like how it is in our world.

Before, all the Kage’s had to deal with only their village and their protection. But now it’s deeper than that aspect. Now there’s Import and Export, Travel agencies and tourism, new companies starting, people getting involved in business. 

#Why does Naruto have so much work as a Hokage?

Here are some of the main factors for Naruto’s hectic schedule which will probably remove your confusion on why is Naruto busy as a Hokage unlike other previous hokages.

1.Development in Infrastructure

Like the Kaminarimon company. Who developed the Thunder Train which covers entire Konoha. Development of Scientific Ninja tools. And the Humongous Scientific Research facility. And there will be many aspiring entrepreneurs as no one really wants to be ninja anymore. And there are laborer’s coming from small villages for getting good employment as Konoha is one of the Five Great nations. These stuff require a lot of paperwork to avoid any frauds and they need proper identities as well. It’s basically how a civilization works. And unfortunately Naruto ends up with unlimited papers to sign all the time. With all of that there’s also huge development of technology and the film industry. There are theatres and also video games companies and the list is basically endless.

2.Lack Of Support

Naruto has only Shikamaru as his advisor and supporter. Naruto can obviously give work to many people but it’s only him at the office with Shikamaru helping him. Unlike the previous hokage who always had a lot of people helping and supporting them.

  • 1. Hashirama had Tobirama and Madara
  • 2. Tobirama had Kagami Uchiha and the elders.
  • 3. Hiruzen had Danzo and the elders.
  • 4. Minato had Hiruzen and the elders plus Danzo doing dark deeds behind the scenes.
  • 5. Tsunade had Shizune, elders and Danzo.
  • 6. Kakashi maybe didn’t have these many apart from Shikamaru and also Naruto going on different missions and running errands throughout the village, but it was just after the war and everyone was building their lives and mourning for the people who died, there wasn’t much work rather than rebuilding. 
  • 7. Naruto literally has only Shikamaru with infinite work as explained above.
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At times we see Sai going on missions and meetings with Naruto, but his work is not at all related to the work at the Hokage office. Kakashi is retired and spends most of his time at Spa or relaxing in the Village all the time. Tsunade is out of the village to continue her Gambling adventures. And the elders are too old to be useful. Which leaves only one person who is Shikamaru. He is the only person that supports, gives advice and spends most of his time with Naruto. So the main reason of Naruto’s unending office work is due to lack of manpower. 

3.Naruto’s Exhaustion and Constant Passing Out

Naruto’s vigorous exertion at the Hokage office leads to him constantly collapsing and passing out at the Hokage office. Because of the endless paper work Naruto doesn’t get the time to sleep, spend time with his family or simply relax at home once in a while. He is working almost 20 hours everyday. It doesn’t stop over there, Naruto sends hundreds of shadow clones throughout the village to run errands and do various type of activities. It really makes you think is there anyone in the village who supports the Hokage? Naruto does not take any help from Kurama and solely depends on his chakra. So, at the end of the day Naruto feels the exertion of every single shadow clone and it is also backed by Naruto not getting any sleep. So the very core of the problem is that Naruto has no support and has to do everything all by himself which is taking a heavy toll on him everyday.

I hope you are satisfied with above mentioned points on Why Naruto is Busy/ Why does Naruto have so much work as a Hokage?

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