Where to buy Anime Merch in Nepal?

If you are an avid Anime watcher from Nepal, you might also have searched for Anime merchandise stores to buy products and clothes boasting the arts of your favorite Anime and Manga Franchise.

Since there are not a lot of merchandise stores for Anime products in Nepal, it is difficult and hectic to come across a shop that has almost everything you could ask for in Anime Store.

This Article today on Otaku Nepal will list down a couple of stores located throughout Nepal that not only sell Anime merch at their store but have also the facility of fast delivery wherever you are located.

Now without any further ado, here is the first Anime Store on our list…

Supreme Nepal Anime Store

Supreme Anime Store describes itself as the destination for the complete Anime goods and merch. In addition to Anime merch, they have also got cosplay dresses and accessories for a wide range of characters.

Supreme Nepal is located in Bouddha Kathmandu and has free delivery all over Nepal after you buy a certain amount of goods from their store.

They have also got their website. You can browse and order your favorite products from there without having to visit the store physically.

Anime Mart Nepal

Anime Mart Nepal is another popular Anime store located in the Kathmandu Valley. They have got wide range of products starting form anime key chains, and posters, to huge figurines of your beloved characters.

Since Naruto, One Piece, and Dragon Ball, are the most popular Anime here in Nepal, if you are searching for products associated with these franchises, chances are you will find what you searched for.

That being said, they are always increasing their inventory, and trying to meet the demand of lesser popular Anime as well.

Overall, Anime Mart Nepal is a great place to look for Ani Manga goods.

Daraz Online Store

Daraz is the most popular e-commerce store here in Nepal. Although this is not the anime-only store you might be looking for, still Daraz has a catalog of a good range of Anime and Manga merch in their store.

There are many independent stores that sell anime manga products through Daraz. Therefore if you are looking for something like Anime tees and Key chains, Daraz might have got you covered for those.

Another advantage of buying through Daraz is that, you don’t have to wait a lot for the delivery, sometimes the delivery charge is free, and you can easily track your order through your Daraz account.

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